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Members experience

As I was visiting places with KVS team, I was listening to the speeches and the activities of KVS in Bangalore, and learned many things which surprised me. I was amazed to see and hear that 90% of HIV children are orphans, 70% of differently-abled people are left on the road without any care, and less than 15% percent of children in India go to high school. To me, it was just so different because I have never heard of this or saw anything like this before. Over here (in US), we hardly find a HIV child even if there is no proper treatment for them. Those differently-abled are treated so well with kind attention and care. Every child goes to school, and all that we worry about is getting good grades or getting into good high schools. We don't take the time to realize that there are so many other people who haven't even had the chance to know that they are part of this beautiful world. Seeing and listening to all this made me think how fortunate I was to be healthy, wealthy and educated. I mean, when I heard that many have different problems and struggle to survive, it really made me think.

Another volunteer sharing his experience

When I was at the activities of KVS, it gave me a new perspective about this different world. Before I heard the speeches, I knew that some people struggle from disability, and poverty. Later, when it was shown practically to me I realized how KVS has helped people to overcome their problems. Looking at the statistics, you can see that they help few hundred people each year. I am so glad to be a part of a group of people who want to make a difference by helping others who are living thousands of miles away. I like their belief that one person can help hundreds of people.

KVS has made a huge impact on me today. I can see that KVS can bring a change in the people. They help people to become self-dependent. At the event, many people came to me and were very happy to see me volunteering for a good cause. But all I did was smile because I had no clue what to say. To tell you the truth, I really had no idea why people were actually coming up to me. I had a totally different perspective on this. I felt that all these people were just like me. So to me it's like helping my friends. I do want to make a difference; and help people in need in as many ways as possible!


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